A group of awesome-injected childhood friends who grew up together are now taking on a task of epic proportions, making affordable, professional websites for the small businessman. 

We make websites, logo's, business cards, sandcastles, and greeting cards made out of macaroni...for a conveniently low cost as well.

We have always been fans of people offering a service for a low cost so we thought we might as well do the same thing and give a low cost service to you, our heroes.

Our team consists of a computer scientist, a business marketing graduate, and a graphic designer all with fresh idea's, endless energy, and countless coffee bills.

Professionalism is something that should be taken seriously. Here at Toga we are about as professional as Wayne Gretzky is good at hockey. Problems? We solve them quicker than the amount of time that it took to read that sentence. Respect? We give more respect to anything and everything, even more than that song of the same name. The ability to give such a low price?
...We just like doing it.
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