Toga uses top notch GMail which uses advanced spam filters that eliminate useless advertising (such as male enhancement products) and allow your employees to maintain a spam free emailing environment without the hassle of flipping through useless information during your shift. But don't be worried, the address will be in the form of ''! We just use it as the backend because really, it is the best out there. Only the best for our customers!

GMail also allows integrated chat so employees can communicate with one another even faster than Email!

Unlimited Email allows you to connect with your employees and allow your employees to connect with each other and clients in a professional manner.  Each email is derived from your websites domain name, which allows every employee to perform professionally not only in person and over the phone, but also via the web.

Your company's own email creates efficient flow of online communications between employees and their customers as well as inter connectivity within the office. 

Company emails make everyone feel important and part of a winning team that is on the same page, a winning team like Toga!  (You know you wannnnnna)

And don't you worry about setup, it is all included! Really, we would feel bad if we made you do it.
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